We are so excited that you stopped by. 


Get My Books is a part of Katha O Kahini Educational which was founded by Manosh Patra and Debraj Patra in the year 2017.


It is a portal dedicated to school items and making it easier for parents to buy books, uniforms and much more for their kids.


Now, we have a question for you -  


Do you stand in long queues and spend your entire day buying school supplies?


Would you rather utilise that time to do something more productive?


Do you remember all the bookstore trips that you made finding that one book but still couldn’t? 


If you do, you are at the right place. 


Get My Book is founded with an aim to revolutionise the process of distribution of books and school supplies to the students and making it a cakewalk for you. 


You can order everything from books, school uniforms, school book sets, stationery, notebooks ,toys & games, to accessories on our platform. 


It is a ONE STOP SHOP for books as well as for school supplies


We have books from all genres and categories including books for children, higher education, competitive examinations, etc.



Not only can you find more than one lakh books on our website, but we also work hard to bring you incredible offers and high discount rates (especially for school students) on books as well as other products.


But, doesn’t everyone give discounts on books? - You may ask.


Of course. Everyone gives discounts but there is one factor that distinguishes us from others. 


Not only do we offer higher discounts on book as compared to others, but we also have a structured process to ensure our discounts are HIGHER than other websites and our customers get the book at the best price possible. 


We bring you over 1 lakh books, give you incomparable discounts, deliver it to you on time and in perfect conditions along with letting you to request any book that you want. 


You do not need to go out of our platform to buy a book EVER again. We guarantee that!


We also focus a lot on your satisfaction and work towards making each of our customer happy. 


In order to do so, we ensure - 


  • Timely delivery 


  • Collecting feedback and modifying our processes accordingly. We will listen to you and make things better for you.


  • An effective problem resolution process. You can always write to us and we will resolve your query as soon as possible 


The focus of Get My Books is to provide YOU unparalleled book and back to school shopping experience. 


We also have three unique features on our platform that makes EVERYTHING easier for you to order -  


  • Request a book - If you are unable to find a book in the market or if you know of a book that is not easily available in bookstores, you can request a book on our platform. We will source it for you, add it to your cart and send an email informing you about the same. 

Upload your book list - We understand how time-taking it is to find each and every item on your school list, add it to the cart, check it out and order. You can use the



  • “upload your book list” feature on our homepage, upload a clear photo of the list which contains all the details of the books like authors and publishers, and we will add all the products to your cart. All you will need to do is confirm and order. 


  • List of schools - We have already collaborated with 45 schools and are in talks with many more. You can go to the list of schools, select your school and get all the products for that school at one place. It is as simple as that!


If you are a supplier of school books and other items, we are excited to partner with you. Get My Books is a marketplace where you can create your shop and sell items online. You can reach out to us at ____________ —- Link Become a vendor page


If you are a school, we are excited to collaborate with you and sell your school items on our platform. You can reach out to us at ____________ [Add more content]


In case you still have any questions unanswered, you can write to us at ___________